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Program of the international political party Veritas:

1) The constitution of the Russian Federation will have revised and if necessary will have supplement every 4th years.

2) Any vote from now is opened - as the guarantor of perfect democracy.

3) The Central Bank - the state financial institution which is under control of the government. The credit rate of usurious percent is equal +/-0 rub.

4) Any financial systems in the country are completely transparent.

5) Executive bodies of the government are allocated only with duties.

6) "Gold providing" - is "hands of man". The person and his life - is the only indicator for definition of money in the country. Neither gold, oil can't and shouldn't define quantity of money in the country. If there is no human life on the earth - everything becomes senseless. Any amount of any metal isn't able to have any value in the absence of the person. Therefore, as the only defining value on the earth is the Human life.

7) Everything, without an exception natural resources and all types of energy in in the territory of the Russian Federation - belong to the people of the Russian Federation.

8) The secured income to each citizen - in the form of monthly payment of the minimum basic amount.

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